60th Reunion?

I have been informed by the OPRFHS reunion guru that there will indeed be a 60th. The exact date will be set once the high school establishes homecoming.

With that said, I am sending a quick survey,

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1)   if you are able will you plan to attend our reunion in the Fall of 2019?

Yes No
2)   do you have a preference at to location? It has been suggested that we gather at a hotel that allows us to have our activities all on one floor, no steps

3)   are you still in favor of two nights?

Yes No
4)   what would you like to incorporate on our "casual" night?

5)   for the formal dinner, do you want a speaker or prefer to hear more from classmates?

6)   what are your ideas to make this the best reunion ever?

7)   is our website keeping you informed? any suggestions for improvement?