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10/26/09 12:15 PM #5    

Penny Horsky (Russell)

WOW What a wonderful time. It was great seeing all and a big thanks again to the GREAT reunion committee.
Sue Duffy, our graduation was June 11, 1959 In the High School Field House. Some of us did have a discussion about this as they thought it was outside.
We now have more good memories so please keep in touch. Penny Horsky Russell

10/26/09 05:27 PM #6    

James P. Hayes

Can't beleive there is only one response so far. People must still be recovering from the reunion party. Had a great time seeing everyone.. I know we tried to sing the Bears fight song, but it did not help as they got killed by Cincinatti the next day. I thought someone would have suggested trying to sing the Oak Park High fight song. Anyway thanks to all the people who agreed to help the commitee organize this fabulous incredible reunion. Next get together we will sing the OPRF fight song.

10/27/09 12:11 PM #7    

Richard Krug

Well, it’s time to express my thanks to all of those reunion committee members that were willing to dedicate so much of their time to make this 50th reunion such a great success.

The web site is nothing short of fantastic, and I am very happy to hear that it will be preserved for a number of years to come. I know that we will all make heavy use of it to keep in contact with our friends. I hope that everyone takes the time to keep their personal data up to date.

The Friday and Saturday dinners were great. The food, of course, was “scrumshous”, but it was the deep pleasure at renewing old friendships that, I’m sure, was the highlight for all.

Truthfully, I wondered whether grads other than old Hawthorne people would even remember me. So, it was, indeed, a heart warming shot to the old ego to have so many persons approach me with genuine handshakes, hugs and big smiles. I am very glad that I attended and am looking forward to future get-togethers. Too bad that a full contingent could not have been there to enjoy it all.

Richard Krug

10/30/09 02:12 PM #8    

Ruth Howard

I'm having so much fun looking at all the pictures of the 50th reunion.

I wish I'd been able to make it. The Reunion Committee went over and above this time, although all the others have been so well done, too.

The website is incredible!!

What a wonderful thing to see so many of my former classmates in long time marriages. Especially compared to nowadays.

Keep those pictures coming!

11/05/09 04:06 PM #9    

Meredith Moorshead (Mason)

I've posted some more pictures of the Whittier School classmates--thanks to Ann McMillan and Bob Sorensen sending them to me today.
What a great reunion. I loved seeing everyone!!! Now I can hardly wait until 5 more years.

11/06/09 04:36 PM #10    

Penny Horsky (Russell)

Hi I finally got Friday nights photos dups taken off and names put on to some of the pics. Hopefully I got the right names. So check out my profile and recall the good times. Dale took all the pics as he walked around,and didn't know who he was taking. Niles you must have been following him or moving around as much as he was. You are very photogenic. It was a great time.
I will be getting Sat. nights up soon and hope to get names with them now that I know how to do it. (I know it's really pretty easy but when your not computer savy strange things can happen.) Sorry it's taken awhile but it has been a busy 2 weeks. Penny

11/09/09 02:23 PM #11    

Ruth Howard

Here's a great website that doesn't cost a cent, but with the holidays coming and the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood, I think our troops would really appreciate getting these cards and messages.

05/15/10 04:32 PM #12    


Carolyn Winslow (Lodge)

To the Reunion Committee:

Excellent job on the Reunion Booklet.  The class picture is better in there than the one we got in the mail.  Thanks for all your hard work. 

Carolyn Winslow Lodge

10/22/10 10:58 PM #13    


William F. (Bill) Herhold

Retirement is so great as it leaves some time to take a voyage on occasion to explore the internet and locate interesting places.

One that I've found to be of some interest in conjunction with going back in time to our roots in DOOP is a place on Facebook. If you are on Facebook go to the top of the page and type in "Growing up in Oak Park".  You'll discover considerable dialog there from many DOOPers discussing interesting aspects of this theme. There are also many pictures there dating back to the 50's.  Give it a try. BH

10/26/10 04:02 PM #14    

Gary Grote

Hey Herhold, get you "rear" out of that boat and get some exercise. 

07/05/11 10:30 AM #15    

James P. Hayes

Happy Birthday to all our classmates that will be 70 in 2011...My best friend Rich Krug will be 70 in January 2012 and I will be 70 March 18 2012 and then George...

Jim Hayes

08/12/13 02:46 PM #16    

Judith E. Zeinfeld (Speizman)

Hey Anyone

Drove by the high school the other day....whatever happened to the outside circular stairs that I remember?  They are gone!!  Wasn't our class gift a clock that hung on the outside?  Where did it go?  Sure doesn't look like the old school I went to.

Also, is the infamous leaky tunnel to the gym (Had to pay a quarter to pass through if you were a freshie) still in use?  Just curious....

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dorothy O'Reilly or Barb Zehender?  Would really like to know.


Judy Zeinfeld/Speizman

03/04/15 08:18 AM #17    

James Parker (Parker)

Does anyone from Longfellow Elementary have any of the class photos. I once had, but they are apparently gone. Thanks if you do.

Jim Parker

04/22/15 11:01 PM #18    

Penny Horsky (Russell)


Dear Classmates,

Thanks so much for the warm thoughts and condolences you sent.  I shared many of them with my sister Diana (Class of '54) and brother Bruce, ('62) when they were here. Rog joined our youngest brother Brian('64) on Sat. Marrch 28, 2015.  I really appreciated the memories of him that so many shared.  I shared how everyone that was at OPRF in 1956 remembered the pink sport coat and I got out my yearbook so my family could see the picture.   His daughter and her husband enjoyed seeing them. We included that and his 6 touchdowns in one game in the eulogy we wrote.  He was a great athlete and a special guy with a caring heart and will be missed by many. It was great to hear from so many friends. Thannks again.  Penny Horsky Russell


08/22/16 10:18 AM #19    

Kenneth J Costich II

I believe the actual date of graduation was June 7 not June 11...according to the posted graduation announcement.

08/23/16 11:39 AM #20    


Jane Clifton (Magruder)

The graduation date was June 11th, and I specifically remember it was a Thursday.

08/23/16 06:36 PM #21    

Donna Jones (Stephens)

I'm with Jane.  It was definitely the 11th and a Thursday.  Now it's on Sunday afternoon. 

Donna Jones Stephens

08/24/16 08:51 AM #22    

Kenneth J Costich II

Sorry ladies, you are correct...I was looking at the Baccalaureate Service announcement

08/24/16 12:57 PM #23    


Jane Clifton (Magruder)

No problem, Kenneth.  My long-term memory is perfect.  Not so sure about my short-term, however.  Lol!

08/25/16 09:27 AM #24    

Warren John Brown


I I agree on the 11th, Thursday, because my birthday was Wednesday the 10th! Hope all are well!! 

Warren John Brown

08/25/16 10:07 AM #25    

Kenneth J Costich II

Thanks, Jane...BTW, saw the pictures of your jump. 👍 Great adreniline rush. Used to jump in the Army and also for sport...

08/25/16 11:24 AM #26    


Jane Clifton (Magruder)

I'm planning a solo jump for my 75th birthday next month!  The only problem is I'm in the middle of a spur-of-the-moment move so not sure I can find the time until later in the year!

08/26/16 09:49 AM #27    

Kenneth J Costich II

Solo is a little harder..just make a clean PLF. I quit after 73 jumps, got dropped to Vietnam and never got back into it. Be safe!

05/27/18 01:03 AM #28    

Penny Horsky (Russell)

A big THANK YOU to all you men and women who serve in the military.   I  appreciated your serving our country and  putting your life on hold.  Freedom isn't free. 

God bless America and God bless you.  

Penny Horsky Russell  



04/22/19 08:06 AM #29    

Roy Kessmann

The correct e-mail address for Mel Marini is:


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