Pandemic survey--for fun!

simply a fun survey, hope you will participate!! You will be able to see all the comments and who has responded, might prove to start a conversation!

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1)   how has the pandemic crisis affected your life?

2)   how long were you required to "shelter-in-place"?

3)   did you follow the rules? wear a mask, 20 seconds of hand washing?

4)   how did you occupy your time?

5)   did you try a new activity?

6)   or did you master an old talent?

7)   what did you miss the most?

8)   did you find yourself "face-timing" more?

9)   have you ever tried "zoom"?

Yes No
10)   if your state has lifted restrictions, what is the very first thing you did?

11)   had you known this was coming, how would you have prepared?

12)   did you save newspapers to show your great grandchildren?

13)   shifting gears----was your neighborhood affected by protests or riots?

14)   have you ever known discrimination first hand?

15)   truthfully did you walk your dog just to get out?

Yes No
16)   did you check on friends and neighbors?

17)   did you make new friends?

Yes No
18)   did you lose a few old ones along the way?

Yes No
19)   silly survey??

Yes No