2022 Thoughts

I think I have it right this time---no clue what happened!!

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1)   what makes you the happiest ever???

2)   for a regional reunion--North, South, East, West and midwest? or state by state.

3)   How did you survive the pandemic?

4)   have you received all required shots?

Yes No
5)   what are your feelings on a 2022 reunion? Would you attend?

6)   would you rather avoid the airplane ride and have a gathering in your area?

7)   back to Covid---were you ever tested?

Yes No
8)   did you a mask when outside your home?

Yes No
9)   are you still wearing your mask? why or why not?

10)   did you enter any place where you were required to show proof of vaccination? if so where?

11)   suggestions for our website??????

12)   do you feel our website has run its course?

Yes No
13)   should I continue? Even if all I report is sad or dumb? Please please be honest!!

14)   I am out of questions....and it's too early for wine, will do my 2 mile walk...you have 4000 spaces to give me any and all final thoughts!!!

15)   ha ha---how will the Cubs finish in 2023? provided we even have a season!!