some class facts

Our Mission: Oak Park and River Forest High School exists to provide all students with a superior education so that they may achieve their full human potential. 









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Class officers

Tom Sumner = President

Steve Cahill = Vice President

Melinda Bates = Secretary

Dave Lundy = Treasurer

commencement speakers:

David Lundy, Nancy Fuog, Joy Olsen, Steve Cahill

in 1959 we had the largest 4 year honor roll in 45 years


Homecoming Queen was Karen Anderson, her  senior "court" included Nancy Foug, Barb McLaren, Meredith Moorshead, Melinda Bates and Carolie Whiteway (the second homecoming court in our school history)

Student Council Officers:

David Lundy, Meredith Moorshead, Karen Anderson and John Brown

Tabula Editor-in-Chief was Anne McMillan

Trapeze Editor-in-Chief was John Cullicott

the plays presented in our Senior year were

Our Town     Pirates of Penzance     Quality Street 



The Loyalty Song

We're loyal to you Oak Park High, 
We're orange and blue, Oak Park High. 
We'll back you to stand 'gainst the best in the land, 
For we know you've got sand, Oak Park 
Rah! Rah!

Go crashing ahead, Oak Park High! 
Go smash that blockade, Oak Park High! 
Our team is a fame protector, Run, boys for we expect 
A victory from you, Oak Park High!



Huskie Paw