election 2020! please participate!

this survey will allow your classmates to see the answers but your name will not appear (keep it clean!) It's simply a fun thing to do and I am a bit bored here on a Saturday night!  I so well remember the days when we gathered and stayed up almost until the final vote was in. I was working at a radio station one year and had to file reports every 15 minutes --tight race between two judges--fortunately it was a rowdy, fun loving group and I didn't have a dog in the fight so I learned alot! 

simply for fun, so let's get started.

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1)   do you plan to vote?

Yes No
2)   have you voted already?

Yes No
3)   how did you vote? in person or mail in?

4)   if you voted in person, how long did you wait?

5)   if you did an absentee ballot do you have any concerns?

6)   will you watch election returns on the 3rd--for local elections?

7)   when do you think the final and official results of the presidential election will be posted?

8)   throughout the campaign did you change your mind about any candidate?

9)   do you have yard signs or bumper stickers for you candidate?

10)   are you following any race in particulare--beside the presidential?

11)   will you watch the Bears on Monday? (this is important to me)!!! giggle!

Yes No