Amy and Barb


Susan , JoAnn, and Merrily

Linda Lovett shared!!!!

  25th reunion--1984  In the Tunnel
Tom Grube, Bob Nelson, Linda Stevenson, Buck Roberts



25th reunion--1984--In the Tunnel
  ?,  Jerrilyn Smith Stanners, Niles Bruno 


 40th reunion--1999
Donna Jones Stephens and Gary Stephens

 40th Reunion---1999
Bob Nelson, Linda Lovett Nelson, Bob Whisler


40th Reunion--1999
Dianne Strain, Jerrilyn Smith Stanners


40th reunion--1999
Margaret Skiles, Linda Lovett Nelson, Jerrilyn Smith Stanners, Donna Jones Stephens


 40th reunion---1999
Bob Nelson, Steve Smith


Kay Schreiber, Jerrilyn Smith Stanners, Linda Lovett Nelson, Donna Jones Stephens  

(no, Donna does not have a tooth missing from wild dancing-flawing the photo)


45th Reunion= 2004
Evelyn Bacigalupo, Judy Campbell Hudson, Llana Sanborn


45th Reunion---2004
Kay Schreiber, Paul Hoefler, Jerrilyn Smith Stanners


45th reunion--2004


40th reunion---2004  Horace Mann
Donna Jones Stephens, Linda Lovett Nelson, Judy Campbell Hudson, Larry Goltz, Donna Rohr, Marjorie Tye, Judy Solstead, Nana Sikora, Kay Schreiber, Jerrilyn Smith Stanners, Evelyn Bacigalupo


Rog Wilcox, Bill Righeimer,Gary Stephens, Bill Kortum, John Squires


Emerson group at the 25th

Bill Kortum, Gary Stephens,Bill Righeimer, Sally West, JoAnn Hartford, Rog Wilcox, George Ludington,


Louis's Back Yard Key West Circa February 27th 1998

Rog and Diane Wilcox, Margie Righeimer, Karen Kortum, Bill Kortum, Bill Righeimer.


 Allen Stoll at the 25th          Fondly remembered and taken to soon!


 Jim Schultz and Rog Wilcox at the 25th


Classmates Bill Vasey, Gary Grote and Bill Herhold and wives gather each June at BirchVue the Herhold's lake home in Wisconsin.  reportedly they tell the same old school stories every year but still laugh like crazy. 


50 years of history---and Billy Joel!!





any other lettermen out there???

BACK ROW - Herhold (Mgr.) , Pusateri (Mgr.) Vasey, Scwartz, Timble, Winklemann, Schmitendorf, Staehle, Gordon. THIRD ROW - Farber (Mgr.), Sisco, Hanzelon, Reed, Sumner, Tomb, Olson, Palmer, Reum, Grote (Mgr.), Stryker (Mgr.). SECOND ROW - Coach Mihjlovich, Whistler, Silvestri, Kessmann, Marini, Halac, Ludington, Coach Kaiser, FRONT ROW- Peivolidis (Mgr.), Donley, Richards, Cutler, Spicer, Nagel (Mgr.), Schwaegerman (Mgr.).
            Photo Courtesy of Bill Herhold.

The Team.

Photo courtesy of Bill Herhold.



  anyone want to take a stab at the names or perhaps just identify youself! thanks Paul!!



This definitely captures the times, doesn't it? We all have matching outfits and necklaces

JoAnn, Judy, Linda, Susan, Merrily, Amy

Karen, Nana, Barb, Phyllis, Harriet

 Roger Wilcox, Barbara Altman, JoAnn Hartford and Augie Sisco at the Oak Park's River Forest 19 Century Club Dance. thanks, Rog!