Reunion Committee!!


 needless to say this group did an outstanding job! and we all appreciate their efforts!


these class members have work long and hard to make this the best reunion ever...can't be too many more reunions left for us! many have worked on our gatherings since the very first! awesome! It is amazing the talents that have emerged from tis committee!

thank them...over and over....


Delores Caputo Pusateri                                     Pat Rodgers Luciew

Marcia Daehn Palazzolo                                       Donna Rohr Nevius

Donna Jones Stephens                                          Nana Sikore Simons

Joyce Keas Nosal                                                Dianne Strain Haines

Lee MacDonald                                                   Marcia Weinzimmer Stevens

Larry and Karen Moe


below---the committee hard at work (notice the wine glasses? my kind of committee meeting!)






the committee and helpers man the registration table


hard work pays off, outstanding turnout!


Huskie Paw





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